Repeat Prescriptions

For some long term medications, which have been authorised by one of the Health Centre doctors, you may be able to obtain repeat prescriptions without being seen, for an agreed period.

Repeat prescription requests should be made in writing via post, email or Systmonline. Unfortunately, we cannot accept requests over the telephone. Please note that it takes 2 working days to process repeat prescription requests. Please refer to our webpage for further information on registering for online services (Systmonline)

For further information on medications and online ordering of repeat prescriptions please visit

When requesting repeat prescriptions via email please ensure you include your full name, date of birth, and details of the medication being requested.

You will also be able to set up a repeat prescribing service (including electronic transmission of prescriptions) with your nominated local pharmacy.

Medication Changes

If there have been any changes to your medication by a doctor or consultant outside of the Health Centre, we will need confirmation before a prescription can be issued. Please note that medications prescribed by a private doctor or private hospital may not be available under the NHS.

New Patients

If you have recently joined the Health Centre and are taking long term medication you need to book an appointment with a doctor before a prescription can be issued. Please ensure you book the appointment in advance of your prescription due date.

Electronic Prescription Service

This is a new service which allows us to send your prescription electronically to a nominated pharmacy of your choice.

This service is secure and confidential and allows the pharmacy to dispense your medication without the need for you or your pharmacy to collect prescriptions from the doctor’s surgery every time.

If you would like to use the Electronic Prescription Service

You will need to ‘nominate’ a pharmacy to receive your prescriptions electronically. You can ask our administration team to arrange this.
You can continue to order your prescriptions in the usual way, but instead of a paper prescription the prescription will be sent electronically to your pharmacy.
If you don’t wish to use your nominated Pharmacy for a particular prescription just make sure you let the surgery know when you request the prescription. For example if you wish to collect a prescription from the Health Centre, or a use different pharmacy.
If you would like further information about the service, please speak to one of our Patient Coordinators.