Private Insurance, Injury Claims, & Clinical Trials

Private Insurance, Injury Claims & Clinical Trials

Companies sometimes needs medical information when assessing insurance and injury claims, or when patients are attending clinical trials. Usually the company will request for the release of patient’s medical record or for a health report to be completed by a doctor. We will not process any requests without the patient authorising the release of medical information to the company.

Requests are normally sent by the company to the Health Centre. Once the Health Centre has received a request, and is satisfied that the request can be completed, an invoice (where applicable) will be sent to the company. The request will be completed once payment has been received.

For patients making the request on behalf of a company then please follow the guidance on requesting a health report and ensure all the necessary documents are included.

No additional copies of reports or records will be sent via email or post. Please contact the Health Centre to arrange a suitable time.