New Student Checklist

Welcome to all new students arriving for the new academic year. See below the checklist for registering and getting prepared for the year ahead;

1. Register

Check eligibility to register with the Health Centre and complete the online registration form. You will receive a confirmation email from the Health Centre usually within a couple of days. Please read your confirmation email carefully as it will inform you of your registration status and other recommendations.

For overseas students, please only register when you arrive in the UK. For students in halls of residence, you must have your room number before you can submit the registration form.

Please visit our guidance page to ensure you complete your registration form correctly.

If you have queries regarding the registration form or your confirmation email you can contact us at [email protected].

2. Download the NHS App

Download the NHS App. Once you have registered you can connect the NHS App to the Health Centre and use it to;

  • Book appointments
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • View your medical record
  • Send medical and administrative queries to the Health Centre
  • Check symptoms
  • Get advice regarding Coronavirus
  • Access your COVID-19 vaccine pass (if vaccinated in the UK)

3. Ensure your vaccinated

Students ideally should have arrived with completed courses of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella, and Meningococcal ACWY. If you have not had these vaccinations we strongly recommend you get them as soon as possible. The Health Centre will run regular clinics from September and appointments can be booked via the NHS App. More information regarding the illnesses and vaccines are available here.

4. Register with PATCHS

A lot of administrative and clinical queries can be processed through our online consultation platform called PATCHS. Please use this service if you feel unwell, have a medical query, want to order a prescription or have some information to pass onto your GP.

We recommend patients to use PATCHS in the first instance to contact the Health Centre. We have a centralised team in Central London helping us to process all requests and to ensure you get a response as soon as possible. You can register for the service via the link below.


5. Submit additional medical information

If you are coming from outside of the United Kingdom then we will not receive any past medical information from your previous doctor. If you have a chronic illness or other medical issue that requires regular treatment then its recommended you send copies of any hospital letters or current medications (with translations where applicable) via the PATCHS platform. This will ensure it gets uploaded directly into your medical record. Please only do this after you have received your registration confirmation email.

6. Familiarise yourself with our services

Most of our services now are provided via online messaging (PATCHS e-consultation and NHS app), video or telephone consultation. Follow the link below for further information on accessing our services.

We run lots of excellent free psychological health webinars for the students. Visit our webinars page for more information

If you have any other queries then please contact us via email or call us on 020 7584 6301.