Registration Guidance

Duplicate Forms

Please only press the submit button once. During the beginning of term there can be delays processing registration forms. Please email us at [email protected] if you have a query regarding your form.

Mobile Telephone Number

It is important to have a UK telephone number as we are unable to call oversea numbers. The Health Centre will often communicate via SMS or telephone call so it is important we are able to reach you. If you get a UK mobile number at a later date then please email us your new number at [email protected].

Email Address

Unfortunately we are unable to send emails to some over seas email providers such as If possible please provide an alternative email such as your university email.

Date when you arrived in UK:

If this is the first ever time visiting the UK then please enter the date you landed in the UK.

If you have previously studied in the UK, such as in another university, secondary school, sixth form college, or a language school, then please enter the date you arrived into the UK prior to starting your learning at that establishment.

Please do not include previous short trips to the UK, such as a vacation, unless you were here for over 3 months, or you used NHS services whilst on your trip.

Graduation Date

Please enter the date your final year term finishes. For most students the final term will end in June.