Find your Student Type

Take a look at the 3 categories outlined below and see which one best describes the type of student you are.

Some students get stuck in one pattern – others may pass through each phase.

When you have identified what type of student you are or what phase you are currently in, click on the appropriate link below for tips on how to help yourself.

What type of student are you?

1.   The Self-Indulgent student …. more info

  • denial of responsibility / or overconfident
  • not lazy, but has low frustration tolerance
  • escapist tendencies
  • requires stimulus to raise anxiety (e.g. approaching deadline)

2.   The Tense & Fearful student …. more info

  • denial of potency – deskilling self unnecessarily
  • self-critical, low self-esteem
  • overwhelmed by the importance of the exam, pressure to succeed

3.   The Perfectionist student …. more info

  • denial of vulnerability, wanting total control
  • critical of the “system”, passive-aggressive
  • sets impossible goals, so never feels “good enough” or “safe enough”
  • obsessive, workaholic tendencies; or procrastination