Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

21st April 2021

Dear patients,

Vaccine mobilisation is well underway Westminster with the most clinically vulnerable groups as defined by the UK government being offered the vaccine first.

Please do not contact your practice for this – you will be contacted as vaccines are delivered.

Priority is for the oldest, most high risk patients first. If you are in priority groups 1-9 and haven’t been contacted for a vaccine then please contact the Practice.

Unfortunately patients are unable to pick which vaccine they receive and we are unable to tell you what you will receive on the day.

Information below regarding the AstraZeneca vaccination;

Vaccinations will take place at Lord’s Cricket Ground, Westminster Abbey and the Horticultural Society.

You may also receive invites via SMS or letter from NHS England to book an appointment at a mass vaccination centre or a participating local pharmacy.

If you are concerned regarding the legitimacy of an vaccine invitation then please contact the practice.


Please see information below regarding COVID-19 vaccine scam

Government COVID-19 vaccine delivery plan

For general information on the Coronavirus please visit;