Resilience Workshops

Imperial College Students are invited to attend a two part workshop to help improve emotional resilience.

NEW DATES FOR 2022/23 will be available late summer

Workshop Dates;

  • 20th October and 24th November 2021 – full
  • 26th January and 23rd February 2022 – full

The workshops will look at;

  • Identifying triggers of stress
  • Working with and regulating difficult emotions
  • Learning self soothing techniques
  • Improving one’s feelings of self-worth
  • Developing explicit networks of support
  • Managing a better work/life balance

These workshops are for Imperial College Students only. 

The workshops will be presented by Dr David Leigh-Smith. Interactions during the workshops are encouraged. However, students can chose how much they participate with the rest of the group.

Workshops start at 6.00pm and will last for approximately 90mins.

Workshops are held online via Zoom. Link will be provided via email once place is secured.

To apply for a free place on the workshops please click on dates above.