Perfectionism Workshop

Imperial College Health Centre invites Imperial College students to attend workshop on perfectionism.

The workshop will explore;

  • Understanding ‘clinical’ perfectionism
  • Identifying there is a problem with perfectionism and committing to change
  • Why perfectionism doesn’t work
  • Growth mindset and how it gets you out of perfectionist cycles
  • Re-setting goals to performance rather than outcomes.

The workshops will be presented by Dr David Leigh-Smith. Interactions during the workshops are encouraged. However, students can chose how much they participate with the rest of the group.

The workshops are interactive. However students can choice how much they participate. The workshop will last for 90 minutes.

These workshops are for Imperial College Students only. 

Dates (workshops start at 6.00pm unless stated otherwise)

  • 17th November 2021 – Full
  • 30th March 2022 – Book Now

Workshops are held online via Zoom. Link will be provided via email once place is secured.

To apply for a free place on the workshops please click on dates above.