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Vulva Health Workshop -Cancelled

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

A yougov poll in March 2019, found 45% of women* couldn’t label the vagina correctly and large proportions didn’t understand the functions of different parts of the vulva, missing key knowledge about vaginal health. This session will give students key information which will benefit their health and wellbeing throughout their lives.

The workshop will cover;

  • Identify key female anatomy and understand their functions including pleasure – the vulva, vagina and reproductive system
  • Recognise common myths and debunk their meaning
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of good health and also indicators of infection including Thrush and BV
  • Understand how to maintain a healthy vagina and vulva
  • Identify when and where to go for help, screening and support in relation to intimate health and wellbeing
  • Understand that every person’s genitalia is unique and that representation in the media does not reflect diversity

*The project very much recognises that not all women have vulvas, and not everyone with a vulva is a woman. However, this is the best data we have on the general public’s vulva knowledge and is useful for context.

The workshop will be run by Brook. Brook is a nationwide charity who supports young people to have healthy lives. This includes sexual health clinical support, education sessions on a host of relationship and sexual health topics, counselling services and professional training. More infor-mation about Brook at our website:


Thursday 12th December 2019 at 6.00pm at Imperial College Health Centre. Please book your space below.

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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