Infection Prevention and Control (ICP Annual Statement) 2020- 2021

IPC Lead for the practice – Charlotte Hynes – Practice Nurse

IPC Deputy is Jacquie O’Connor – Practice Manager

Antibiotic Lead is Dr Mark Daniels

 Sepsis Lead is Dr Chris Allen

This annual statement will be generated in April annually and we will summarise:

  • Any infection transmission incidents and action taken
  • Details of ICP audits and risk assessments undertaken and actions taken
  • Details of staff training
  • Details of IPC advice to patients
  • Details of reviewed ICP policies

Significant Events

There were no significant events relating to ICP in the previous 12 months.

Staff Training

All staff have received the following training:

  • Hand hygiene – 100% compliant in correct technique in hand hygiene – all staff are aware of the importance of good hand hygiene in reducing infections.
  • PPE training – 100% compliance in the correct use of PPE
  • Temperature checking – 100% compliant for all the administrative team how to check a temperature
  • Single use of instruments – 100% compliant
  • Emergency kit awareness – 100% compliant
  • Lateral flow testing kits – 100%  
  • All clinical rooms are cleaned after nay face to face patient contacts and a record is keep
  • All non- clinical areas / rooms are cleaned 4 times a day and a record is kept

Practice ICP Audit

We conduct a monthly spot check audit every month. The last one was completed on 17th March 2021.

  1. All staff comply with wearing face masks in public areas
  2. Hand gel is available on each desk
  3. All patients are temperature checked on arrival to the HC
  4. All patients are advised via text message to wear a face covering when attending the Health Centre
  5. All staff temperature checked on arrival at work
  6. The appointments schedule has been staggered and appointment times extended to ensure save social distancing for patients and allow for room cleaning.
  7. Cleaning products have been changed in line within current Government Covid-19 guidelines

Risk Assessments

  • All staff have had a covid risk assessment
  • All staff have been offered a Covid 19 vaccination
  • All staff that have not had a covid vaccine have completed covid risk assessment training
  • All staff have lateral flow tests weekly –  full time staff test twice a week and part time staff once a week