Imperial College Health Centre

Member of Regent Health Primary Care Network
NHS Central London Clinical Commissioning Group

Doctor Triage Clinics

If you have a medical problem and feel that it cannot wait until the next available routine doctor appointment then we offer a triage clinic from 8.30 to 10.00 Monday to Friday.


Attending the Triage Clinic

When you arrive at the Health Centre please inform the reception team that you would like to be seen in the triage clinic. You will be asked to complete a form which must include detailed information regarding the medical problem that you would like to discuss. The completed form will be given to the duty doctor who will use this information to offer you one of the following;

  • consultation with the duty doctor
  • consultation with the duty nurse
  • asked to book a routine appointment with nurse or doctor
  • offered a telephone appointment
  • issue a prescription
  • directed to another NHS service e.g. sexually transmitted infection clinic

The triage clinic operates on a queuing system and may involve a wait to see the doctor. Please note the duty doctor may require to see patients with serious medical conditions more urgently.


Medical Emergencies after 10.00

If you become ill after the end of the morning triage clinic and you feel it cannot wait until the following day’s triage clinic then please contact reception for further information.